The Fall of the Armies of the Free Kingdoms

Three generations ago, the Armies of the Free Kingdoms, under the leadership of The Fellowship of the Platinum Rose, began the terrible war against the armies of The Tyrant Kings. With the successful siege of Velderheim, the Armies defeated Xyriries A’ala’breena. And while the first of the six fell, the cost was the mysterious creation of the Chaos Storm.

Twelve years later the armies brought down Maleia Mistweaver with the sacking of Geldenrud. The losses and damage was horrific but in the end the Free Kingdoms could now rebuild without fear of the Tyrants returning. On the eve of their victory, the leaders declared a celebration be held on what is now called Brightmeadow Hill, a hill that overlooks the lands around Geldenrud.

All the heroes of the Fellowship, the rulers of the Kingdoms, the generals, and as many of the survivors as possible all gathered on this hill in quiet celebration and to remember all those who had fallen. There was little drinking, some singing and the food was battle rations but everything was the better for what they had accomplished that day. Speeches were given, the members of the Fellowship were given their own kingdoms, and plans were begun on how to proceed with healing.

Then as the celebrants were beginning to return to their camps evil struck. At first the armies thought it was survivors of the Tyrant’s army trying to get retribution. However they quickly learned this was an entirely new threat. The patrols had been silently slain, assassins struck, killing several of the rulers, Thombil, Durnov and Gabriel of the Fellowship, and calls were ringing through the camp of betrayal from one of the members of the Fellowship.

The attackers were led by horrific beings of incredible power. The honor guard, led by Donethia, were able to push back the main body of the attackers long enough for the rest of the army to rally, and to get those rulers who survived the ambush to safety. However from there things slowly began to unravel, and while the armies were able to slay many of the attackers, ultimately the armies had to retreat to the woods of the Darkglades where they could flee under the cover of the forest.

By sunrise at least 80% of the army had fallen and those who survived were fleeing for their very lives. Messengers were able to get away to warn surrounding towns and villages and people fled before the attackers. Over the next week the attackers had taken control of Geldenrud and began to march on the Free Kingdoms. Few who were present during the Fall will speak of that night other than to say that as bad as the armies of the Tyrants’ were, the Invaders were by far worse.

The Fall of the Armies of the Free Kingdoms

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