House Rules

House Rules

These are the House Rules we will be working with during the campaign. I do however reserve the right to change, add, and/or remove rules as we decide that they aren’t working as intended. This campaign is a heroic story so characters will be heroic in stats, however the major antagonists will be as heroic or stronger.

The campaign will be using the AD&D game rules with most of the additional books, particularly the Unearthed Arcana. If there is a particular rule or book a player wishes to add we will discuss the material in question and I will make the final decision as to it’s use based on how I feel it will affect the campaign.

Character Creation
Characters will be created with stats of 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13 assigned as the player wishes.
We will not be using the Comeliness stat.
Max character level will be reviewed as the campaign progresses. I am thinking level limits will be higher but not sure how much higher.

Characters will get max Hit Points for first level and when rolling subsequent levels they will reroll all ones (1’s).

All characters will use the Cavalier stat gain rules for their primary stats. Classes with fewer than three primary stats will use their primary stat(s) plus their choice of Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma.

All classes and races will be considered so long as the player can create a strong background to explain why they are doing what they are doing. (Please read the recent history in the Background to understand what is happening in the campaign.)

Hit Points
There are two levels of Hit Points in the game, Stamina and Body.
Stamina represents fighting endurance and blood loss. When players are in a fight they will sustain primarily Stamina loss until they reach 0 when they will be too fatigued or have sustained so many small woulds they succumb to blood loss. From this point on they will be unconscious and continue to lose Stamina until they reach a negative equal to their Constitution Stat.
Body Body represents physical toughness and heavy physical damage. When a character gets to negative their Constitution value in Stamina, greater blood loss and shock will begin to set in and damage will be applied to Body. When a character gets to 0 Body they die.

Healing Rules – Stamina Recovery
Rest = 20% Stamina every 2 Hours
Healing Skill = + 5% Stamina every 2 Hours with Rest, Bring a Character to 1 Hit Point of Stamina if knocked Unconscious, and Heal 1d6 + 1/Lvl of Stamina once per battle.
Healing Spells = Each level of spell heals a number of Stamina equal to what the spell states.

Healing Rules – Body Recovery
Rest = 1 Body every Week
Healing Skill = 1 Body every 5 Days
Healing Spells = 1 Body for each level of spell cast (i.e. Cure Light Wounds = 1 Body, Cure Serious Wounds = 4, etc.)

Casters do not have to keep spell materials for individual spells unless the material cost to cast is greater than 1,000gp.

Magic in Teyr Zral has been severely impacted since the formation of the Chaos Storm. Casting spells has a greater risk the more powerful the spell particularly for Arcane Casters. Divine Casters are hindered more in being granted their spells from their deities, as though the Chaos Storm has impaired their connection with the gods in their realms.

Magic – Arcane
The Chaos Storm has had a powerful effect on all magics arcane and practitioners of the art face great risk each time they cast a spell. The instability in the fabric of magic is such that there is a chance that a spell will simply fail, fizzle, surge, or have a random effect. Those who practice the art have noticed that the more powerful the spell the greater the chance of backlash and as such avoid using more powerful spells unless given no other option.

Magic – Divine
Like arcane casters, divine casters have noticed that since the formation of the Chaos Storm they have been affected by its effects. While divine spells are less likely to fail, those who cast the spells have their own problems with casting. Like arcane casters, divine spell casters have noticed there is a chance their spells will fizzle, surge or have a random effect. Also they have noticed that it is more difficult to contact their patron and similarly for their patron to bestow higher level spells as they pray.

Magic Items
Magic items have had some impact from the Chaos Storm as well depending on the item and the items power. Abilities that are always on or spell-like seem to be unaffected. Items that can cast spells face the same issues as spellcasters. Thus a +1 sword is unaffected, but a scroll to cast Cure Serious Wounds or Wall of Stone have a chance at being affected as the spell is cast.

House Rules

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