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Welcome to the Waking the Golden God Campaign

This is an AD&D campaign with some house rules. The players will be adventuring in the world of Teyr Zral during the third era. Magic is limited and casting has it’s risks. Some past enemies may be allies as they all face a common enemy. Can the players learn the truth about the invaders and find a way to drive them out?

In this game I will be the Dungeon Master. As I so brilliantly heard explained a while back when playing in a tournament dungeon at the local convention. I am the DUNGEON MASTER. I am NOT the Storyteller, the Game Master, the Game Moderator, nor the Referee. I am the guy sitting behind the proverbial screen making the decisions, managing the encounters, and advancing the story as the players decide what to do. I am the master of the adventure and all that occurs. It is I who decides whether you shall succeed or fail in your actions, not at a whim, but because I control the adventure, and I shall decide when and if you are to succeed. I ask for little, your attention, your interest, and your participation. What I don’t ask for are Rules Lawyers, Min-Maxers, or back seat GMs. So long as you provide what I ask for I promise I shall do all I can to make your time playing as enjoyable as possible and build a story that will at the least be memorable.

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