In the beginning there was nothing. And from this nothing two siblings created the multiverse. One sibling, Zacon, was the embodiment of law and order. She believes that there can not be existence without rules and order. Her twin brother, Xaoc, is her opposite in all ways being the embodiment of chaos. He argues that order creates entropy and entropy destroys existence.

Thus Zacon and Xaoc decided to determine was correct, and so they created the multiverse to prove who was right and should be the leader. They created rules to the test and filled the multiverse with the progeny to oversee that the rules were followed. These progeny then created universes and life in each universe. Zacon and Xaoc also agreed that they would be allowed to observe what was occurring directly, however they could only do so indirectly through an avatar they would create in each universe.

Thus our world, Teyr Zral, was created and the gods and demigods began to experiment with the theories of their parents. Each progeny was given a specific task and a set of goals to work towards that met the needs of their creator, Zacon or Xaoc.

Zacon_______________Greater Goddess of Law
Xaoc_________________Greater God of Chaos
Geb_________________God of Earth, Son of Zacon
Shu__________________Goddess of Air, Daughter of Xaoc
Huo_________________God of Fire, Son of Xaoc
Voda________________Goddess of Water, Daughter of Zacon
Waiora______________God of Life, Son of Xaoc
Aiaru________________Goddess of Death, Daughter of Zacon
Au___________________God of the Sun, Son of Huo
Fati__________________Goddess of the Moon, Daughter of Voda
Heka________________God of Magic, Son of Zacon
Oro_________________God of War, Son of Xaoc
Maat________________Goddess of Justice, Daughter of Zacon
Botren______________God of Thievery, Son of Xaoc
Ochag_______________Goddess of the Hearth, Daughter of Waiora
Privoda_____________God of Nature, Son of Waiora
Bue_________________God of Wisdom, Son of Zacon
Milda________________Goddess of Love, Daughter of Xaoc
Serquet_____________God of Healing, Son of Waiora
Mahakala___________God of Destruction, Son of Aiaru


Waking the Golden God Theldar