Recent History

When everything was looking brightest for the denizens of Teyr Zral, the invaders struck. The Free Kingdoms, led by the adventuring group The Fellowship of the Platinum Rose had just defeated the last of The Tyrant Kings. With this victory the people of the known kingdoms were finally free from the despotic leadership of the six most powerful, near immortal beings. On the eve of the final battle, when all were joined in celebration of the great feat, the Invaders appeared from all around, led by a group of powerful beings. The armies of the Free Kingdoms fought valiantly however they fought without direction as it was declared the members of the Fellowship had been betrayed and defeated in the initial attack. While the armies were able to account for themselves well, without the leadership of the Fellowship all they could do was to fight a delaying retreat, giving as many as possible a chance to flee from the onslaught. This event is referred to as The Fall of the Armies of the Free Kingdoms

Three generations have been born since the Invaders arrived. During that time they have conquered almost 60% of the known territories and killed or enslaved at least half the population of the world. All of the known cities, many of the largest towns and villages, and some of the more strategic keeps and strongholds have been captured or destroyed both above and below ground.

The Invaders seemed to especially fear/target the most powerful, particularly those who could wield magic of any type; humanoid, undead, magical beings, and elementals were all targeted first. Rumors have it that most if not all the dragons are dead, the leaders of each of the races slain, and even the most powerful undead (liches, demiliches, and vampires) were all attacked with equal vigor. It seems as though the Invaders care less about the inclinations of their enemies and more about their strengths, particularly if they have some skill with magics.

Those who survive either keep constantly on the move or have found remote and/or dangerous places to hide. The Invaders don’t seem to have a means to replenish their forces other than reproduction the same as the denizens of Teyr Zral, but the most powerful either don’t choose to do so, or are incapable of doing so. However they do seem to be capable of corrupting those they have captured. While the main army seems to continue to deal with the more formidable defenders when they are found, the Invaders have packs of hunters and scouts constantly roving, looking for those who hide from them.


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